Some students find scales boring and tedious... Use these buttons as an incentive and reward your students each time they master a new scale! These can be used for EITHER octave scales or pentascales! Each button is colorful and unique, so students will be excited to collect them all.


This set includes (12) buttons for all major scales, white keys and black keys. 


If you're looking for MINOR scales, go here.

If you wish to purchase both MAJOR and MINOR, go here.



  •  Because they don't specifically say "scale" on the button, you could even use these for arpeggios!

Major Scale Buttons (Qty. 12)

    • Button size: 1" diameter
    • Pin-back


    The pin-back allows these buttons to be pinned on items such as lanyards or book bags! Every time your students carry their bags to lessons or wear their lanyard, they can show off their accomplishments and skills in a cute and practical way! You can even use it to review skills by choosing a random button on their lanyard and asking the student to identify and demonstrate what it represents. Students and teachers alike love these button incentives! 

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