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Several teachers have found that tactile learning is a huge benefit to their students! From learning note names on the staff, to creating rhythms, these magnet-back buttons are a helpful hands-on aid! These buttons have a magnet-back to use on white boards (white board not included)


This pack comes contains 29 magnet buttons:

  • Music Alphabet letters A-G
  • Numbers 1-6
  • 8 filled in noteheads (for quarter notes or 8th notes)
  • 4 white noteheads (for whole notes or half notes)
  • 4 white noteheads with line in the middle (for whole notes or half notes placed on a line) 


Ideas for using these buttons:

  • Have students place the letters on the staff 
  • Use when teaching mnemonic devices to remember the line and space notes
  • Place the letters on the keyboard and have your student move them to the whiteboard to show correspondence between staff and keyboard, and vice versa.
  • Number the lines and spaces of the staff (line 1, line 2, etc.)
  • Create rhythms and have students place numbers under the correct beats.
  • Trace your student's hand on the white board and have them place the numbers on the correct finger.
  • Practice drawing stems in the correct direction.
  • Create rhythms using the note heads, and even have students place numbers under the correct beats.
  • Create a rhythm for your student to sightread. 
  • Have your student create rhythms using different time signatures.

FULL Magnet-Back Kit

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