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What exactly is the "1 Minute Club"?

Students all over are participating in the "1 Minute Club" - a challenge to complete a determined amount of flashcards within 1 minute. Some teachers require students to simply identify the notes, others require them to 'play and say'. Susan Paradis gives great information on her website about how the 1 Minute Club works! You can read it here.


Three levels of the 1 Minute Club

Some versions of the 1 Minute Club even contain 3 levels:

  • Apprentice 
  • Superstar
  • Master

These levels are ​​​based on flashcard categories (for example, Bass C to Treble G, Bottom Line G to Top Line F, etc.). You can read more about the three levels here!


We have created three different buttons for the 1 Minute Club - bronze, silver, and gold to represent the 3 levels of accomplishment. As most of the buttons here on our website, their use can be customized to fit your teaching needs!


Only want one type of button?

If you wish to award your students only one button for completing the 1 Minute Club, under whatever parameters you determine for your students, the Silver "1 Minute Club Superstar" or the Gold "1 Minute Club Master" button should do the trick! Because in reality, any student who can name a large handful of flashcards under 60 seconds is a superstar!

1 Minute Club Buttons

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